We know there are always questions. We have provided a small list of questions and answers below to help with some of these and do hope that you find them useful. Please move your cursor over any of the questions and click for the answer. If you have a question but don’t see it listed, please don’t hesitate to ask us by filling out the form on the right. Thank you.

1. Who/What is Scope 10?

Scope 10 is a full service Web Design, marketing and digital media agency established in the winter of 2009. Scope 10 started offering a mobile solution via a third party channel in May of 2011 however the services offered through this third party were limited. Knowing the demand for mobile marketing and branding, Scope 10 set out to develop its own cloud based SaaS solution to offer businesses and agencies and to provide them with the necessary tools to sell, create, distribute and manage sophisticated Mobile Web Applications and marketing initiatives.

2. What sets Scope10 apart?

The Scope 10 Mobile Solution was created with the customers/end user’s best interest in mind. It’s not very often in today’s society you will hear a company say that. We know that times are challenging out there and we wanted to make sure that we brought value back to the market place, to the business owners and customers they serve.

Scope 10 has deployed an intuitive HTML5 dashboard that is extremely easy to manage and use. We often tell people, “If you can open up a word doc and edit it, you can build and manage your app.” Also, the Scope 10 dashboard allows you or us, to deliver your app literally within hours of partnering with us and we have a completely integrated suite of API’s to give you the absolute best experience possible without having to guess what you would like to have in your app.

3. What is HTML5?

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and is a formatting language programmer’s and developers utilize to create documents on the Web. HTML5 has enhanced features for programmers such as video, audio and canvass elements. You view a Web page written in HTML in a Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera or Google Chrome. The HTML5 language has specific rules that allow placement and format of text, graphics, video and audio on a Web page. Programmers use these programming tags or elements to produce web pages in unique and creative ways. Tags such as section, article and header enable the creator to make a more efficient and intelligent web page. Users will not have to use a Flash plug-in for video and audio content. Visual Studio users typically write code in HTML5 when creating web site content.

4. What Mobile operating systems are supported?

Whether it’s Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows etc., the Scope 10 solution is cross platform compatible. What this means is that any device that is web enabled will allow for our applications to render and function appropriately. Also, it does not matter what type of device it is; whether it be a smartphone, tablet, desk top or laptop pc, our apps will render on any web enabled device.

5. How do people access my app?

There are many ways people can access your app. For starters, once we have developed your web app, we automatically generate what’s called a QR Code (Quick Response Code). QR Codes can be placed in a lot of different places. We recommend placing your QR Code on your business cards, letter heads, table tents, signage, vehicles, labels, print material, marketing and advertising literature, website and any other place your business brand is represented. Also, we prominently place redirect script within your existing website that recognizes when a search is being generated from a mobile device so that it will redirect your site to the mobile website creating a much more user friendly experience by literally putting your app in the palm of consumers hands at the touch of a fingertip.

6. Are you able to track mobile traffic information separate from website traffic?

Yes. Scope 10 has integrated Google Analytics. Unlike most mobile websites, we are able to track all of your traffic data such as visits, page views, coupon downloads etc. The Google Analytics code will be separate from any other analytics code you have and reports are available upon request.

7. Does Scope 10 offer reseller programs?

Yes. Our software was developed and tailor-made with other marketing and advertising agencies in mind. We understand that time and money is always a key element in designing the type of platform we have. Our software is a simple turn-key solution for any agency to sign up and drive off. Training is provided at all levels and does not require a programmer or even a designer to build. We would however recommend both to add a level of creativity. Please contact us for more information regarding our reseller solutions.

8. What companies will benefit from Scope10′s Mobile Solution?

Any business out there that has a website or not will benefit regardless of size or type. We live in a mobile society and apps, web apps and mobile websites are today where traditional websites were 10 to 15 years ago. With the amount of marketing and advertising agencies out there, our solutions allow them to engage their existing and prospective subscriber base and offer the best solution. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur looking to build a business or a company with dozens or even thousands of clients, rest assured, we have your solution ready to go. Call us or click the “Get Started Now” button to schedule an appointment to learn more.

9. What are the fees for agencies to get started?

There is a one time set up fee for agencies with an annual subscription renewal. This fee covers the cost of setting up your Administration Dashboard, training and any other support needed to get you building apps immediately and includes a free app for your business as well as three free app demos to showcase demos. There is a fee charged of $20.00 per month/per app that is sold by your agency. If you decide that you do not want to build the apps, Scope 10 will build the apps for a small design fee of $149.00 per app as long as your agency provides us with the required and necessary information to complete the project. Upon completion, Scope 10 will turn the app over to the agency for proper delivery to the customer.

10. What does integration mean and why is it important?

To integrate things is to put them together to form something new. It also means that the things you put together keep their individual characteristics or features. When we talk about integrating cultures we usually refer to several cultures coming together to form a new, multicultural society. Each culture keeps its character, features and values. Scope 10 has integrated a number of cool features and utilities that allow you to choose right from within the dashboard, the necessary tools to keep relevant in a real time mobile society. Check out the plugged in partners we have on our website. If you don’t see something there, please make a recommendation to us and we will see about the steps needed to get it for you.

11. Do we need to submit our apps to App Market Places?

No. There is absolutely no app market place submission or approval process. Scope 10 eliminates the need for native app development and the head ache associated with app store submissions.

12. What are some of the features within the Scope 10 dashboard?

There are many cool features available. From our subscriber portal to social media integration, custom link portals, sms text marketing and email marketing to name a few. With many more features coming soon, you will have all the tools necessary and readily available to you to make a huge impact in your market right from the start.

13. How do I update and make changes to my app?

We made this easy for you. Our dashboard consists of a self editing tool. Most people know it as a Content Management System. The update process is Real Time, super simple and can be fun for those with a creative mind. Simply log into your dashboard, open the editor and make the necessary changes and hit submit. Because our apps are built using HTML5 technology, the change is immediate and changes render on all devices at the same time. No need for app market place submissions, downloading and reinstallation.

14. What are some of the marketing tools available?

SMS/Text Marketing:
Scope10 Mobile allows for your subscribers to receive notifications from you about special, events and more. Another cool feature of this service is that you manage your subscriber data base from within the Scope 10 dashboard. If you have a current subscriber list, you can upload it into the dashboard and manage them all together. Please inquire about our bundle rates associated with this booming marketing strategy.
Email Marketing:
Scope10 Mobile has integrated a really cool email marketing tool within the dashboard that allows you the same freedom and flexibility as the SMS feature above. Manage this all within the dashboard.
Banner ads:
Scope 10 has a cool feature that allows you to create multiple scrolling banner ads located at the bottom of your app. These banners also allow for promotion of specials, events or other marketing information. There are restrictions that do apply to the availability and use these banner ads. Please submit an inquiry to learn more about this cool feature.
Coupon Creation and Distribution:
Scope 10 has created another cool feature that allows you generate, submit and market your very own group type deals using the coupon creation software. Not only will you be able to create these deals, but you will be able to monitor its effectiveness and downloads. No more will you have to rely on third party coupon deal companies desiring to charge you more than 50% of your revenue to push these out. Use your subscriber data base to push out your own.
We also have custom form creation software built in that enables users to create their own custom survey forms. Surveys allow you to quickly deploy dynamic mobile surveys for feedback from customers about their app experience and vital information about your services and much more.

15. Is there a contract for signing up?

Yes, as is the norm for most agreements. Our agreements are for 1 year. At the end of 12 months, you are automatically off contract and rolled over to month to month. Your monthly fees will continue to be billed at the going rate until you wish to cancel. Cancellation requires a written 30 day notice of intent to cancel to Upon cancellation, your app and all of its contents will be erased from the dashboard and user access will be removed.

16. Does Scope 10 provide design collateral to build my app?

Yes. Scope 10 will provide you with links to places that will be able to provide you with endless amounts of design information from icons to background ideas. Most of these are royalty free images and icons. When using images gathered from the web, please make sure that the images used and/or downloaded are not copyrighted. Scope 10 is not liable for any copyrighted information that is or has been infringed upon.

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And OK, a few choice words of praise from our clients.

  • Scope 10 has done nothing less than bend over backwards to make things happen for me. I would recommend them a million times over; they truly under promise and over deliver. ALL of my expectations have been exceeded by everyone at Scope 10. The cost of my website was fully recovered in the first “5 days” the website went live. We needed to hit a home run, “WE HIT A GRAND SLAM!” You guys are awesome!!!!!
    Steve Cody, President

    The Chimney Pro’s
  • “I have paid significant for Google AdWords. Scope 10 educated me on the dynamics of true website optimization and organic searches. I became instantly interested as it would eventually save me money and increase business. After my website launched, Google organic searches leaped far ahead of paid Google by a percentage of 61 to 37. My overall clicks also increased by 25%. I am quite pleased with the service I have received from Scope 10. They have my endorsement.”
    Joseph A. Field, Esq.

    Field Law Office
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