Scope 10’s Our Core Values

The following list of core values reflects what is truly important to us as an organization. These are not values that change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person, but rather they are the underpinning of our company culture.

Many people and organization feel that Scope 10 is an exciting company to choose for all their service needs. These core values are the primary reasons for these feelings and they will transcend our growth. By maintaining these core values, regardless of how large a company Scope 10 becomes, we can preserve what has always been special about our company. These core values are the soul of our company.

Quality Standards: Our standards are high and our goal is to provide the highest quality products we possibly can. We define quality by evaluating employees, services, solutions, education, appearance of all of the products we provide and even right down to the type of customers in which we wish to partner with. We are buying agents for our customers and that’s the bottom line.

Our Customers: You are our most important stakeholders and the lifeblood of our business. Only by satisfying our customers first do we have the opportunity to satisfy the needs of our other stakeholders.

Extraordinary Customer Service: We go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy our customers. We want to exceed their expectations on every Web Site, Product and Service we provide. We know that by doing so we turn customers into advocates for our business. Advocates do more than partner with us, they talk about Scope 10 to their friends and others. We want to serve our customers competently, efficiently, knowledgeably and professionally…..Always!

Education: We have generated greater appreciation and loyalty from all of our partners by educating them about emerging trends in the digital and technology world. One of the rules we have here at Scope 10 is to educate first and sell second.

Meaningful Value: HANDS DOWN! We offer the best value to our customers by providing them with high quality products, extraordinary service and a competitive price. We are constantly motivated to improve the value proposition to our customers.

Innovation: We value experiments. Friendly competition within the company helps us to continually improve our processes and solutions. We constantly innovate and raise our standards and are not afraid to try new ideas and concepts. We have so much value in our business partnerships that we often turn to them for fresh new ideas and appreciate the feedback we get from them.

Patrick Cota – Founder & President
Scope 10 LLC

Today it’s all about true relationships, true partnerships, real communication, great work and measurable results.
And OK, a few choice words of praise from our clients.

  • From my first consultation with Patrick I knew Scope 10 was the perfect fit for us. His professionalism, knowledge, and the plan he laid out for us was what made us choose Scope 10. When I contacted Patrick our current website was below average and we didn’t see a lot of traffic which was hurting business. After Patrick built our new website and mobile site, our google ranking has soared as well as traffic and new leads are coming in at a much higher rate. We couldn’t be happier! Keep up the good work!
    Joe Sempf – Fitzgerald Lawn Care Inc

  • We have utilized Scope Ten for our web development, and mobile and search engine optimization for the past three years, with complete and total satisfaction. Scope Ten’s attention to detail and timeliness with regards to our needs has far exceeded our expectations. Patrick and his team have followed through with every request and have gone above and beyond with each and every one. If you are looking for a company that “walks the walk” and not just “talks the talk”, let Scope Ten prove to you that they are far ahead of their competitors.
    Jeff Barthman ~ Ultra Clean Carpet Clean

  • Scope 10 has done nothing less than bend over backwards to make things happen for me. I would recommend them a million times over; they truly under promise and over deliver. ALL of my expectations have been exceeded by everyone at Scope 10. The cost of my website was fully recovered in the first “5 days” the website went live. We needed to hit a home run, “WE HIT A GRAND SLAM!” You guys are awesome!!!!!
    Steve Cody, President

  • “I have paid significant for Google AdWords. Scope 10 educated me on the dynamics of true website optimization and organic searches. I became instantly interested as it would eventually save me money and increase business. After my website launched, Google organic searches leaped far ahead of paid Google by a percentage of 61 to 37. My overall clicks also increased by 25%. I am quite pleased with the service I have received from Scope 10. They have my endorsement.”
    Joseph A. Field, Esq – Attorney At Law.

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