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100% Custom Web Design & Development

Custom Web Design & Development

Nearly all people research products and services online before making a purchase. The internet provides a convenient shopping ground to explore all available options. It’s imperative that your website capture the customer’s attention the moment they land on your site. If it doesn’t, they will shop elsewhere.

From our initial discovery kick off meeting to website publication, our client-focused approach ensures that our clients understand our processes every step of the way. Central to this is understanding your audience, competition, and goals, allowing us to tailor a marketing plan, and push to design and develop a website that sets a new standard for your industry.

Scope 10 is one of the few web marketing agencies that are seriously focused on your business needs. You can choose from a variety of custom packages to achieve your goals, or we can custom tailor one to your specific needs.

We’re always excited to begin new projects as they allow us the opportunity to implement new concepts and inspire new ideas. Our web development team is among the best in the industry and our creative process centers on cutting-edge solutions tailored to your objectives.

Please see a brief overview of our processes below.

Step 1

Consult & Needs Analysis

This discovery session is part of the process that allows us to collaboratively identify your objectives for your brand and website as well as where you currently sit in relation to your competition. We view this as direct/vertical competition and visibility structure.

Step 2

Marketing Strategy

Our strategic (why) and tactical (how) marketing session starts with research that focuses on identifying your prime customers, geographically and demographically then developing a plan that will deliver results right from website or marketing publication.

Step 3

Web Design Questionnaire

This allows you to become more involved in the process and provides an opportunity to include items you may not have thought of. The sooner the design questionnaire is complete the sooner we can get started. Expected time to complete; 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 4

Wire-Frame & Design

Illustrating your inspiration and bringing your vision to life. The front end, what a user sees, is essentially the design process. We continue the design revision process until a design is chosen and client signature has been received.

Step 5

Design Programming

Considered the back-end. The part of the site not visible to the user. Programmed and loaded into the content management system (CMS) which handles all the functions of the website operations. 100% programmed from scratch ensures seamless usability, speed and security.

Step 6

Website Development

This is where it all comes together. Header tags placed, social media accounts made and linked, pages created and linked accordingly, content prepared and uploaded, images set, galleries created, forms established etc. Extensive details are finalized and pretested.

Step 7

Website Optimization

Just as a vehicle needs gas, oil, tires etc. to run, a website needs page titles, descriptions, keywords, image alt tags, search engine submissions, search engine verification, search engine compliance, website security and more to effectively drive online visibility.

Step 8

Site Completion & Testing

Prior to website publication, a thorough audit and test of the website and all of its functionalities are performed and adjusted where necessary. We ensure through a 4-page checklist that all links, forms, payment gateways and code is 100% accurate.

Step 9

Site Publication, Testing

Once website has been published, another audit of the entire website is performed internally as well as a checklist provided to client for external accuracy and double authentication. This ensures that publication is successful and clients are satisfied.

Step 10

Dedicated Hosting & Maintenance

As a domain registrar and website hosting provider, hosting with Scope 10 ensures peace of mind knowing your website is always secure, and the software, security and plugins are updated and weekly website backups are executed as an additional safeguard.

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