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In today’s fast-moving digital business age, we face an entirely new environment for innovation and collaboration. It takes a great entrepreneur with a great vision to grow a successful business, but it takes a collaboration of many people with incredible vision and skill sets to make it a success. That’s where leadership comes in as a key ingredient to drive the collaborative process to make the whole team better than the sum of the parts. Meet our Executive team!

Patrick Cota
Founder & President, Director of Business Development

A high energy leader with a documented record of success in multiple channels of marketing, website development, mobile marketing, SEO and more, Patrick possesses a remarkable ability to bring people together, inspire creativity, and motivate them to not only excel in their professional careers, but also in their personal lives. Patrick provides authentic leadership by leading from example. He is protective of the integrity of his brand as well as his important relationships. This innate value ensures continuity of customer service from start to finish. Patrick enjoys the greatest success when others are realizing their own success! Patrick is adept at building and sustaining long-term personal and business relationships as well as identifying new revenue opportunities even in challenging economic conditions and markets. He is seriously motivated to positively impact your bottom line.

On top of running the businesses, Patrick has been involved in the successful launch, branding, sales, training, facilitation and direct monetization of several media start-ups only then to turn the reigns over to the owners of the businesses.

A devoted husband and family man that cherishes the relationship he has with his wife and kids and likes nothing more at the end of the day to come home to his family. An avid weightlifter since 1993, you can be sure to find Patrick in a gym somewhere.

Suzanne CotaSuzanne Cota
Co-Founder, EVP, Director of Operations

There aren’t enough words to describe the impeccable talent, leadership and organizational qualities Suzanne possesses. A quick thinker that keeps everyone on their toes, Suzanne is all about analytics, collaborative action, opportunity, accountability, strategic planning and RESULTS.

Possessing many years of client relations and facilitation in the Corporate and Finance worlds, Suzanne brings to Scope 10 an incredible balance with a natural entrepreneurial spirit and thrives on the opportunity to learn about different industries and organizations. Her role at Scope 10 provides accounting, strategic and operational support at all levels.

Co-Founder, EVP, CFO, Dance mom, piano mom, home-schooler. A woman of many talents and a contagious smile, she inspires and motivates everyone she meets. Incredibly devoted wife, mother and friend, you can find Suzanne in her spare time either at Dance, Martial Arts or hanging out with her husband.

Faisal Azmi
President of Technology, Product & Web Development

Joining Scope 10 in early 2009, Faisal quickly became the expert in his field of expertise earning the title he has.

Experienced in XHTML, CSS, PHP/MySQL and CodeIgniter, CMS Development, WordPress and AJAX/JQuery/Mootools and more, Faisal brings exceptional leadership qualities to Scope 10 while managing his team of developers and programmers.

Faisal’s creative mindset is always turning as he dives deeper into technology and his quest for delivering a superior product and bringing ideas to life right before your eyes with strategies to back it up. Although he is a master in his craft, his talents extend deep into branding and product development. More than just a friend but an igniter on many cylinders, Faisal is cemented as an integral member of the leadership team.

Michelle Stewart
Director of Digital Media Marketing & Content Strategy

Successful, results-driven Content and Digital Marketing professional dedicated to creating and implementing strategies in brand management that consistently increase ROI.

Michelle brings to Scope 10 more than 10 years of well-rounded experience in the arenas of:
Digital Media & Marketing Management, sales, funnels, and optimized content. Fully versed in content strategy, Google AdWords, Social Media, customer acquisitions, conversions, email marketing, search engine marketing as well as social and community management with a focus on quality, creativity, and original content creation.

Michelle’s diligence in providing superior customer service with an emphasis on exceeding expectations and fostering dynamic professional relationships provides another layer to Scope 10’s dedicated mission of Commitment, Communication and Client Relations.

Brittany Block
Director of Development/Project Manager

With more than 10 years in marketing and business development, Brittany injects vision and creativity into projects developed at Scope 10.

Brittany has overseen many large succesful development projects from beginning to final launch. Her natural ability to understand the many needs of businesses assists Scope 10 in maintaining leadership in the ever changing world of digital media and interactive marketing. Brittany enjoys the challenges and expectations placed on herself as well as on Scope 10 to deliver the best in services and client interaction.

Lisa Richards Christensen
Graphic Design / Illustration

Lisa is a valued designer and illustrator to Scope 10. She is inspired and fueled by the creative process, making a positive difference for clients, and absorbing all things design related. Passionate about typography, color, and paper, you will find Lisa leading efforts for print-heavy projects where her eye for detail and meticulous organization is critical.

Born and raised in River Falls WI, Lisa grew up always making and doing something creative. Lisa Studied Graphic Design and Attended college at University of Wisconsin – River Falls, graduating Class of 2002 with a Bachelors Degree – Board Area Art. Lisa is an integral part of Scope 10.

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