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Social Media Branding and Marketing Done Right

Are you looking to brand your business through the Social Channels, but not sure where to start? Would you like your Facebook page to replicate your website? Your LinkedIn profile to generate interest and opportunity? If so, you’re thinking along the right track. Social Media is HUGE.

Social Media Marketing has fast become a primary form of communication for people who own smartphones and tablets. Scope 10 will design and implement an outstanding website for your business, but this is only half the effort needed to be visible to your customers. When people have a quick moment to cruise the information highway, they usually aren’t searching for specific URLS. Instead, they are thumbing through posts, pins, and tweets. Make sure your business is a presence among the popular and relevant social media feeds.

One of the main benefits Scope 10 provides is the ability to brand your business consistently across all platforms. No matter where your customers find you, if you’ve utilized Scope 10, they will see continuity with graphics, color schemes, text and content. This builds credibility and trust. We will ensure your business Facebook page looks as good as your webpage looks as good as your content on Pinterest.

One way Scope 10 will give your social media marketing a boost is by creating widgets which allow you to push content to your other social media accounts. For example, first consider the impact of having Scope 10 add a blog page to your main website. Next imagine having that blog material auto-populate to a Facebook, Twitter, and a LinkedIn account when published. Just one post and customers now have an opportunity to interact with you in four different arenas. That is efficiency.

Another way to increase traffic to your site is to add widgets for the purpose of allowing others to share and promote your content themselves. Hire a skillful copywriter and these shared posts will increase traffic back to your main webpage where customers will learn more about your awesome services in greater detail. This is just a sample of what Scope 10 can do to get your business front and center attention.

Create a meaningful presence across the web and social media world when you choose Scope 10 for your social media marketing needs.

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